Screen Printing

The As part of the typeface project a tutorial on screen printing was available. This is something that I’ve always wanted to understand how to do so I signed up immediately. The process was a lot harder and time consuming than I thought it would be- I was really naive and just assumbed that the light machine did the printing and that all you had to do was put your design into it. That now doesn’t make sense at all and I’m not sure how I even thought that the process would work like that.

Instead, I learned that you have to make a screen by creating a design; this design can be on the computer and then printed onto tracing paper, or on acetate painted with some light blocking paint that in our case was brown. This is essentially a stencil.  Once you have covered the screen in a viscious purple liquid to emulsify your screen and you have transferred  your design onto it with U.V light you can begin printing. You have to wash off the emulsifying liquid after having exposed it to U.V light.

My word was disruption so I worked with that and came up with a way in which to portray the disrupted word of disruption. In the end this is what I came up with – the brown one is the acetate one and the others area few prints from the screen that I made.


The text I created I scraped and scratched into as well as deliberately disrupting the main title by making the word continue onto the next line and writing it backwards and reflected.

The image that I chose to be my background was a few scanned in images of my mono prints from a few days before. The idea being that these images had been disrupted into one and that the monoprinting texture created a sense of disruption with its ‘grainyness’ as well as a few letters being back-to-front. This is my design:




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